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Life and death decisions: Mike King shares lessons from the thin blue line

June 9, 2021

Criminal profiler Mike King on using data to find the truth in any situation

As one of the world’s leading criminal investigators, Mike King is intimately familiar with high-pressure, life and death scenarios. 

For 40 years, he’s worked with law enforcement around the world, taught top police investigators the art of criminal profiling, and consulted on public safety strategy for large-scale events including SuperBowls, marathons, G20s, and the Olympics. 

He’s been on the frontline in the hunt for serial predators and broken open some of the world’s most perplexing cold cases. He’s pioneered experimental training techniques and was one of the first to bring geospatial technology innovation into investigation war rooms.

Mike King’s unconventional methods have even seen him escort one of the USA’s most prolific living mass murderers from his Death Row stall to meet with investigators – giving them the ultimate tutorial in the workings of a serial killer’s mind. 

A published author, documentary maker and guest speaker on popular talk shows, Mike King has been awarded the USA’s National Police Officer of the Year. His latest venture takes you deep inside the rapidly evolving world of criminal profiling in his breakout podcast series Mapping Evil with Mike King.

Explore some of the world's most chilling crimes and learn how understanding the geography of crimes, predators and victims can shed new light on unsolved cases. Subscribe in your podcast app or get more information here.

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