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The power of “one”: Brian Boulmay wants multinationals to share their information

The power of “one”: Brian Boulmay wants multinationals to share their information

July 7, 2021

The proven formula for driving digital transformation at a global scale

Brian Boulmay is on a mission to democratise data. 

He believes multinational companies can create greater efficiency, accuracy of insight, and collaboration if they share data sets.

During his tenure as the Global Integration Director for BP, Brian Boulmay developed the award-winning OneMap system; a one-stop shop for geospatial information and analytics used by more than 70,000 staff across the world.

Boulmay is driving a radical approach to transparency. He shares his tips on leading teams towards a more collaborative way of solving problems and adding value to projects and businesses through shared information.

That's the beauty of geography, right? Regardless if you're the person drilling the well, the person dealing with the environmental permits, the person dealing with the construction and engineering, you all need the same core information. All of the information that was shared, we centralised and managed it once, so that many parties could use it.”


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