Directions with Stan Grant
Introducing Directions with Stan Grant

Introducing Directions with Stan Grant

March 23, 2021

We’re living through incredible times. Technology has given us new ways to live and work we never would have thought possible.

We’re using data, technology and science to innovate and solve problems on a global scale. And we’re being challenged to unravel the complexities of today’s connected environments.

Directions is the leadership podcast where you learn how those at the top of their fields steer operations forward during times of trial. They tell you how to find opportunity in crisis, clarity amongst confusion, and steely purpose when the scales are tipped against you.

Join author and award-winning journalist Stan Grant as he explores the leadership styles of those people faced with extraordinary responsibilities across the globe.

Challenging these leaders to weigh in on a topic way out of their comfort zone, Stan Grant also unpacks their instincts under pressure to see how they solve real problems in real-time.

Guests on Season One of Directions:

  • Martin O’Malley, former Governor of Maryland, Mayor of Baltimore & presidential candidate
  • Linda Peters, global data strategist
  • Dr Amen Ra Mashariki, global director, World Resources Institute
  • Dr Kathryn Sullivan, scientist, astronaut and explorer
  • Mike King, criminal profiler and cold case investigator
  • Chief Kim Zagaris, wildfire policy and technology advisor
  • Brian Boulmay, global digital transformation leader
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